Protection where it counts

Taking care of your PC doesn’t have to be a chore. We want to protect what we buy without the headaches that come with. Win Scrubber is the answer we’ve been waiting for. Designed to take protection and speedy cleaning to a new level of ease and comfort.

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Three Ways to Clean

Automatic Clean

  • WinWizard offers users an Automatic Clean which is suited for those that aren’t very familiar with their PCs.

  • You are also able to schedule cleans using WinWizard, which means a protected computer with regular cleans that you control. Set it and forget it.

  • Stay informed with reports from each and every scan that WinWizard runs. The reports are generated automatically and appear immediately after a scan. You can also go back and look at old scan reports to track your progress.

Manual Clean

Select the tools that you need to protect your PC with Manual Clean from WinWizard. Suited for experienced users, Manual Clean allows you to utilize WinWizard’s powerful cleaning tools to keep your computer protected.

Tools Included Cleaning Tools: Registry Cleaner, Shortcut Cleaner, Internet Cleaner, Etc.
  • repair your PC

  • speed up your PC

  • improve performance

Cleaning Wizard

WinWizard - Windows PC and Tablet Tune Up comes with a powerful built-in cleaning wizard that allows you to clean your PC with only a couple of clicks. The Cleaning Wizard will run an Automatic Scan for a user without any of the extra options. This streamlines the process allowing anyone to clean their computer with ease.